Face of Australia: Lip products

Mineral Lip Shine in #Fairy Floss
RRP AUD$12.95

This natural and mineral based lip shine (comes in 7 different shades) is conveniently packaged in a lipstick packaging. The silky formula makes it easy to apply and to keep lips soft and hydrated.

However if you have seriously cracked and peely lips (like moi!), this will emphasise your cracks and your dry lips (see picture below). With intense lips drying  issue opt for a creamier, lanolin based lip product to thoroughly soothe drying lips. This lip shine is best used for lips without any intense dryness and just require a swipe or two whenever is needed.

Divine Shine Lip Lacquer in #Cosmic Rush
RRP AUD$10.95

Comes in 6 shades to choose from, all very wearable and pigmented shade. Personally, I much prefer lipsticks over glosses but if you don't mind glosses, this one moisturises the lips and delivers really intense pigments to the lips, leaving lips shiny, well moisturised and doesn't seep into the cracks.

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